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Advocates of Children That Experience Special Needs


Our Mission:

A.C.T.S.N. is an organic grassroots parent to parent support organization. We strive to provide family support, resources and support groups along with trainings to empower parents to enable their children that experience a disability, so that they may reach their full potential and live a full, meaningful and productive life. Our goal is to reach as many families whose lives include a child with needs that are defined as non-typical or "special."

Our Vision:

is to provide support to families from day one of diagnosis through their life span. To branch out and create support groups in multiple communities in Oregon that brings the uniqueness of parent to parent cross disability support. We strive to connect and collectively collaborate with other disability organizations to better serve the special needs community.


A.C.T.S.N. (pronounced “action”) is a group of dedicated parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, teachers, specialist, doctors, and friends who are looking to give and receive support as they walk through their daily life of providing the necessary love, tools, education and care need for the special person(s) in their lives. We developed the acronym of “A.C.T.S.N.” because it reflects the proactive approach (“action”) that we see and hear about everyday from our families.

We have families who live with ADD/ADHD (yes, they are different!), Auditory and/or Visual Processing Disorder, Asperger’s, Autism, Communication Delay, Developmental Delay, Developmental Disorder, Down’s Syndrome, Dyslexia, Fragile X Syndrome, Mental Illness, Intellectual Disability, Sensory Integration Disorder, Socialization Issues, and some with issues that are currently undefined.

Thank you for the love, patience, strength, understanding, care, compassion, and plain will-power that you provide every day to your child or children.

Jenny and Janelle

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